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Jan. 6th, 2011


My Thread


Verse information

Because suddenly it's necessary!

Mind the spoilers for 5x09 Cold Blood

Brokenverse: After Cold Blood, Rory wakes up in a strange city, with no recollection of how he got from the underground base to the city. He wanders around confused for a bit, until he finds his Doctor and Amy. It turns out, he was dragged into a crack not through time, but through universes. In the process of erasing him from history, however, it re-energized him, and brought him back to life. Now he travels with the Doctor, Amy, Jack, and Donna, an impossible thing just like them, as they try to fix the universe, and he tries to jog Amy's memories.

Unnamed brilliantname fixer verse: Still under construction!

Surrogateverse: AU universe, where Amelia traveled with Rose and Donna as a child. When she later left with them again as an adult, she took off without any warning, and only returned two months later.

Openverse: Generally sticking to canon, though set in a gray area between Amy's Choice and Hungry Earth